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Tweets from Famous Writers
To get you started in your journey as a writing professional, we asked some of the funniest writers we know the one thing you can do to become a better writer:
Owen Burke - Editor-in-Chief at, Former Producer of Drunk History Follow him on Twitter: @owenburke
Check out his latest works:

Takeaway: Writing is a skill that you have to work at so don't be afraid of commitment. That show on Netflix will still be there in an hour.
David Litt - Former Speech/Joke Writer for President Obama Follow him on Twitter: @davidlitt

Takeaway: The best writers are avid readers that learn from other writers. Take a break from the memes and discover a new book or blogger.
Mike Lawerence - Comedy Central Writer and Emmy Nominated Comedian Follow him on Twitter: @TheMikeLawerence
Check him out:

Takeaway: Writing is difficult and not everything you work on will be successful. Keep trying and believe in the things you write about.
Matthew Hunziker - Writer at the Onion Follow him on Twitter: @DogCitizen

Takeaway: Have a plan in place to get where you want to go and then don't stop hustling until you get there.
Potential Career Paths
Thinking about your career options as a writer? Here's a couple to think about:
Follow established career paths into traditional outlets

Publication Editor: Direct the focus of the story or article by refining and polishing the work of your writers

Reporter/Journalist: Bring life to a topic through opinions, facts, creativity, and emotion

PR / Communications: Become the voice of a company and share their biggest news

Editorial Assistant:
Take a non-traditional path and make it on your own

Blogger: Create your own original content and build your audiences

Freelance Writer/Editor: Edit and write for others on your own schedule

Published Author: Write books for distribution and sale by publishers

Entertainment: Develop scripts and ideas for shows and movies

Freelance Writer:
3 Ways to Get Started in Writing
Start a blog! - It's really easy to set up and start writing about your favorite topics on your own blog

Write for other sites - Popular sites like Her Campus, FlockU, and Odyssey Online allow you to write for an existing audience

Freelance - Find local media outlets or small businesses that could use a little help and don't mind paying for your services. Apply for remote gigs at
Tips from the Pros
Amy Levin - Founder of College Fashionista (

What is your advice for men and women who want to turn their blog into a full-time business? Do research on what exists in the marketplace before starting your own blog. It’s a very crowded space and I often find myself overwhelmed by the amount of content that exists on the Internet.

There is always room for innovators and pushing the bar. I think it’s important to determine how you are going to differentiate your brand from others

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Priyanka Mattoo - A former comedy agent at UTA and WME (

I want to be a TV writer, but I’ve written a couple of pilot scripts that haven’t really gone anywhere. How do I get an agent’s attention?

You are going to write a bunch of terrible things that no one cares about before The One that gets you an agent, and that One will get you a paid job.

Search for a story that is meaningful to you, and excavate the depths of your imagination.

Gather introductions to reps and producers from people you trust, and get your (proofread!!!) script to everyone. Truly outstanding scripts get passed around and end up in the right hands.

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Kellen McKillop - Editorial Assistant at AfterCollege

What advice do you have for students and recent graduates who are interested in becoming an Editorial Assistant?

Think you might want to be an Editorial Assistant? See if you can help out with someone’s blog or proofreading the school’s paper. Start a personal blog. Promote your posts on social media. Look for jobs and internships in a field that interests you.

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