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Each project lasts 4 weeks and generates about 100 unique concepts
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1. We help you write a problem statement and define deliverables. Then we launch!
2. Our community of Millennials goes to work and submits their ideas over 30 days.
3. We screen the submissions. You pick your favorites to receive cash prizes.

350+ companies use Millennials on MindSumo to identify business opportunities

Philip Sadler of General Mills "The breadth and depth of input was absolutely phenomenal. You can't get those kind of results using focus groups."
Philip Sadler of General Mills "MindSumo allows us to tap into a new high-quality source of innovation quickly and easily. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the MindSumo team, and have already started creating our next round of challenges!"
Philip Sadler of General Mills "I was really impressed with the quality of the student submissions. These guys were scary smart and creative!"

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Example Challenges

Small pic kaiser
How must healthcare change to attract and meet the needs of Millennials?
LogoKaiser Permanente
Small pic bank teller
How would you create an exceptional banking experience?
Mckinsey logo square 100McKinsey
Small pic microsoft kinect
Create new, real-world applications of Microsoft Kinect technology
Small pic bigstock cosmetics 215279
Propose a usable packaging idea for cosmetic products
Avon logoAvon
Small pic mower
Design a user-friendly blade system for lawn mowers
John deere logoJohn Deere
Small pic kc2
Letting moms know it’s time for a diaper change
Kimberly clark logoKimberly-Clark

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