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Matthew Gaiser
Total Earnings
Bachelors Computer Engineering Queen's University 2018
Webber Academy

Queen's University

| Engineering Student

01 Sep 2014 - Present Kingston
Studying engineering at Queen's University.

Queen's Space Engineering Team

| Science Team Member

01 Sep 2014 - Present Kingston
Researching how to detect bacteria in an extreme desert environment in a self contained manner

Engineering Society of Queen's University

| First Year Project Coordinator

01 Oct 2014 - Present Kingston
First Year Project Coordinator for Professional Development Developed a template for a weekly professional development newsletter Sourced content for that newsletter Working on a program to provide first year students with opportunities using the Canada Summer Jobs Act

Beaumont Select Corporations

| Investment Analyst Intern

01 Jul 2014 - 01 Aug 2014 Calgary
- Learned the principles of stock market day trading and investing - Learned how to analyze and value companies for both short and long term investment


| Summer Investment Analyst

11 May 2015 - Present Calgary
Analyzing small and mid-cap stocks and preparing supplemental research/critiques of broker reports. Managing voting of shares of the holdings of the company. Writing comprehensive reports on companies for which broker research is insufficient
Projects & Publications
Activities & Interests

Stamp Collecting, fishing, politics, software development, engineering, learning, Reach for the Top, NAQT Quizbowl, writing, sitting down and just thinking.

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