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Alvin Wahyuni
Total Earnings
Bachelors Craft and Textile Designer Telkom Univerity 2018
PT. Surya Prima Senjaya
| Textile Designer
02 Jul 2019 - Present Bandung, Indonesia
I have the opportunity to become a textile designer. I am responsible for making art innovations in clothing, color innovation, fabric innovation, textile technology innovation, pattern control, textile design exploration quality control until the final product approval.
| Fashion Designer (Muslim Wear)
21 Mar 2019 - Present Bandung, Indonesia
I had the opportunity to be a designer for women's Muslim clothing. I am responsible for making clothing innovations, choosing colors, selecting fabrics, designing clothes, controlling patterns, quality control until the approval of the final product. I only had the opportunity to carry out my responsibilities for approximately 1.5 months due to health problems.
Craft & Textile Design, Telkom University
| Assistant
17 Sep 2018 - Present Bandung, Indonesia
I became a part-time teaching assistant at my university with a major in Craft & Textile Design in contemporary art courses. I am responsible for guiding each student in making a work. starting from the initial concept to successfully producing fiber art products.
| Manager
06 Jun 2017 - Present Bandung, Indonesia
Tokopong is a new marketplace that sells interior products using recycled materials so it is safe for the environment. Here I am responsible for managing many fields because the marketplace is included in the startup marketplace so I am responsible for solving problems in all fields. Including finance, promotion, marketing, product photography, layout, social media, marketing, and managing.
Projects & Publications
26 Sep 2016 to 11 Feb 2018 Link
I had the opportunity to make a big project in the university which is to make clothes for couture with the inspiration for the form of motif expression from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
Activities & Interests

Design, Painting, Singing, Writing, Listen to some of the new information of design

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