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Alyssa Roseman
Total Earnings
Bachelors Psychology University of Colorado 2017
University of Colorado 2017 Masters Medicine
University of Colorado at Boulder
| Tutor
01 Sep 2014 - Present Boulder
Tutor with the integrative physiology club, Student Academic Success Center (SASC), and Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP). Classes tutored: introductory chemistry, general chemistry, anatomy lab, algebra-based physics
University of Colorado at Boulder
| Flock Leader
04 Aug 2014 - 08 May 2015 Boulder
Led activities for students, primarily freshmen, in the honors dorm to help them get to know the dorm, the campus, Boulder, and each other
University of Colorado at Boulder
| Anatomy Lab Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
04 Aug 2014 - 12 Dec 2014 Boulder
Taught anatomy using bones, models, and cadavers to integrative physiology students
University of Colorado at Boulder
| Maier/Watkins Lab of Behavioral Neuroscience Assistant
01 Jan 2014 - Present Boulder
Handle and habituate rats and mice, perform chronic constriction injury (CCI) surgery on rats, assemble rat and mouse injectors, use cryostat to slice rat brains and spinal cords, perform tissue pulls, extract RNA and protein
Craig Hospital
| Volunteer
05 Jun 2013 - 23 Aug 2013 Englewood
Volunteered with the PEAK outpatient center. Helped clients use weight machines, helped support clients on the Lokomat, helped set patients up with FES bikes
University of Colorado at Boulder
| General Chemistry Learning Assistant
07 Jan 2013 - 20 Dec 2013 Boulder
Taught small sections of students in general chemistry
University of Colorado at Boulder
| Motor Behavior Lab Assistant
07 Jan 2013 - Present Boulder
Help run experiments and record data. Input all data into spreadsheets
A-Team Taekwondo
| Instructor
06 Oct 2008 - Present Greenwood Village
Teach Taekwondo to children as young as four years old to adults as old as 75 years old. Teach both the art and the sport, including basic coordination, footwork, kicking, Olympic-style sparring, weapons, Korean terminology, and traditional forms
Projects & Publications
12 Apr 2015 to 12 Apr 2015 Link
"Drive" is a fiction short story about a bus driver and his views of the world.
The Idea Bureau
10 Oct 2012 to 10 Oct 2012 Link
"The Idea Bureau" is a short science fiction story about the main character's revolt against the dystopia that he lives in.
Set the Word on Fire
10 Oct 2012 to 10 Oct 2012 Link
"Set the Word on Fire" is a short fiction piece about a once normal society that now cowers in fear in a new world where a careless word can set off a bomb that will destroy their city.
Activities & Interests

Phi Beta Kappa
CU Neuroscience Club
CU Taekwondo Club
AMuse Creative Writing Club at CU
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

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