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Amy Fernandez
Total Earnings
Bachelors Business University of Central Florida 2018
Space Coast Early Intervention Center
| Administrative Assistant
Melbourne, FL
Responsible for maintaining an organized and informative work environment for staff and customers. Creating monthly flyers, social networking communications, calendars, and maintaining required government regulations, records, and documents. Direct assistant to the Human Resource Department.
Brevard Grouting LLC
| Student Intern
Melbourne, FL
Summer internship taking place at the business office of the company. Human Resource and Finance focus. Responsible for managing the weekly payables and receivables. Maintain books, recording checks, and performing bank reconciliations. Responsible for customer service. Assisting with the answering of emails and phone calls. Responsible for making sure the invoices were sent and collected in a timely manner. Responsible for the well-being and safety of employees and facilities.
| Marketing Intern
Palm Bay, FL
Responsible for Social Media advertising through Facebook, Instagram, and Company Website. Marketing and advertising via postings, videos, and photos on a current basis. Planning and hosting weekly events, including school spirit nights, special events, and family nights. Organized and delivered various catering requests. Operational employee when needed, specifically as a dining room host/assistant. Charity events, food distribution, cow mascot handling, sampling, etc.
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