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Bhushit Agarwal
Total Earnings
Masters Computer Science University of Nebraska - Lincoln 2017
University of Nebraska
| Software Developer
01 Aug 2014 - 25 Dec 2016 Lincoln
- Responsible for maintenance and enhancement of company’s core product used to control about 65,000 HVAC devices in over 135 buildings. - Interacted with users to enhance their user experience. - Developed proof-of-concepts to test adoptability of proposed concepts. - Implemented modern software development practices. - Contributed to system design for several projects.
Spectaker, LLC
| Founder
01 Jan 2016 - 01 Oct 2016 Lincoln
- Developed a business plan to serve the track & field event photography industry. - Formed and led a team of 3. - Interacted with users to find a niche in the market. - Initial validation of idea by interest from 20 potential customers.
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