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brittany rainone
Total Earnings
Bachelors Marketing University of Central Florida 2016
Limited Brands
| Sales Specialist
Orlando, FL
Showing the latest fashions to clients through out the store, sold over $100,000 in merchandise to customers in less than one year
Ann Taylor
| Sales Associate
Tampa, FL
Keeping the store clean and tidy so customers have the best shopping experience as well as selling customers the latest fashion in the Ann Taylor world. A major accomplishment would be the 23 credit cards I sold in one month for the store.
CBS Radio
| Promotions Assistant
Orlando, FL
helping to get the New 101.9 Amp Radio out there by setting up events while interacting with new people everyday to try and inspire them to listen in the Orlando area
Projects & Publications
Design a perfect pantry cabinet
02 Oct 2016 to 02 Nov 2016 Link
Original Cabinet by Brittany Rainone Cabinets are great for any kitchen or room that needs extra storage. They do pose some problems though such as lack of light and inefficient ability to reach some places. My solution to these problems would be having a row of mini lights through out the cabinet. That way it can switched on and off easily and can illuminate the inside of the cabinet for all to see. I don't believe there is much more of an option due to the need for space and the depth within the cabinet. My next solution would be to have a small step that can be retractable at the bottom of the cabinet. When pushed in it will spring out and gently land about 2 or 3 inches from the floor. That will give everyone a little more accessibility to items otherwise out of reach. The shelves will be horizontal through out the cabinet with a drawer just above the step for items that could be heavy or need to accessed easily.
Activities & Interests

I really like to read new books, go to the gym and really learn about new things everyday. I really care about nature and trying to preserve the planet as much as possible.

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