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Crysta Swindell
Total Earnings
PharmD Licensed Pharmacy Technician IV Hospital Setting Edutek Professional College 1994
The Art Institute Online Division 2019 Undecided Online Marketing and Advertising
Projects & Publications
Engineer/Business Owner In Need of A Million Dollar Machine, Minus the Price tag
01 Feb 2012 to 24 Feb 2012 Link
Engineer/business owner in need of a highly specialized machine to make aerospace parts. The million dollars is a price he didn't want to pay nor was he in a position too. Following my research, I conceptualized a way for him to obtain the million dollar machine absolutely free. I found that if he opened his place of business to the local 12 th grade High School students aspiring to go on to college to become Engineer's then the Government would implement the machine in his place of business free of charge. The program is called R.O.P. or Regional Occupational Program and is through that high school. The program gives students the hands-on experience of their chosen field once they graduate high school and continue on to college. The business owner jumped on board and offered both his place of business and a portion of his time to teach and allow the students hands-on experience in the Engineering world; enriching the students lives and his own by being of service and giving back to the community. The machine is in his place of business to this day as he continues to enrich students' lives year after year!!
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