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Dan Metzler
Total Earnings
Undecided Computer Science University of California at San Diego 2020
| Freelance Web Developer
07 Sep 2015 - Present Ann Arbor
As a self-taught full-stack web developer, I've worked on cross-platform hybrid mobile applications, websites, and Chrome extensions. I'm familiar with AWS and various database technologies and structures.
Projects & Publications
Graffiti is a tool that allows users to add comments and annotate webpages anywhere on the web...and it also allows users to see the comments and annotations left by other users.
Locale is a micro-news/blogging platform designed to allow people to access important information about current events and local happenings in a time that is largely devoid of local newspapers. Imagine a sort of cross between Yik-Yak and Medium.
15 May 2015 to 18 Aug 2015 Link
Nomsy is a social media platform that allows people with dietary restrictions to connect with other people who have similar needs as they share recipes and restaurant reviews. Could easily be the offspring of Instagram and OpenTable or Yelp.
Watchbox is a service sort of like Project Runway, but for high-end watches. It allows people to experience nothing but the "honeymoon period", completely alleviating the burdens of selling a used watch and worrying about depreciation.
Activities & Interests

I actually really enjoy thinking about new stuff and creating things -- I think it's important to note that programming isn't just a job for me. I'd be doing it as a hobby if nobody wanted to pay me.

In addition to programs, I also like making real things (I own a 3D printer and I'm a competent welder). I also buy and sell watches, make videos from time to time, and play water polo. I've recently started rock climbing and biking pretty avidly as well.

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