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Dione Sun
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Bachelors Business Boston University 2019
Boston University 2019

Carter Young

| Marketing Manager

* Brainstorming marketing initiatives and strategies for early development stages of the brand's growth while creating and monitoring the brand's Instagram and Twitter accounts

Banana Republic

| Sales Associate

01 May 2015 - 01 Aug 2015
* Improved consumer survey ratings by thirty percent by providing excellent customer service and product knowledge on fit, variabilty, and care instructions

Uye Surana Lingerie and Loungewear Label

| Intern

01 Jul 2014 - 01 Jul 2014
* Managed social media posts on Instagram and Pinterest to streamline a clear company image, while researching trends to keep the company up to date on current social media news attitudes * Completed important administrative tasks and photographed pieces for blog and social media content LEADERSHIP POSITIONS

School of Business Annual Casino

| Marketing Director

01 Oct 2015 - 01 Feb 2016
Night Marketing Director * Spearheaded marketing initiatives to publicize the event through various social media outlets * Organized a marketing team to maintain and monitor advertising efficiency leading up to the event

Environmental Club

| Vice President

01 Aug 2015 - 01 Aug 2015
* Ran social media platforms for the club to engage students in the school's green community and to promote awareness of current environmental problems
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