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Edilson Gomes de Lima
Total Earnings
Bachelors Mechanical Engineering Ibero American 2013
Product Design 2018 MBA Innovation
Contract Pty
| Mechanical Engineer
14 Jul 2018 - 14 Jun 2021 Melbourne
The company is an international provider for desing engineers for several countries where I work for in around Americas.
Projects & Publications
Artificial Clouds for combat bushfires and city fires
04 Jan 2015 to 01 Jul 2017 Link
A moder preliminary project to combat fire in forests and cities. An innovative project of worldwide interest is under development for firefighting in forest regions or cities. With the innovation of its action that is based on an artificial cloud. Its creator recently launched it as a open source technology – but to raise money to try to get the project out of paper it uses the open source idea, any contribuitor make your own part. The idea of Project started based in old ATARI games, in space where have a mother ship and soldiers.
Activities & Interests

Engineer, science, marketing, innovation.

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