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Felix Angelico
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Bachelors Philosophy Major Seminary of Dallas 2019
Projects & Publications
Monograph: The Meaning and Value of Life in Henri Bergson;
30 May 2019 to 23 Nov 2019 Link
ABSTRACT Our investigative journey unrolled from current problems that put in cause the value and the sense of the human life. Interestingly all the cultures make reference to it in its structure and organization; a point normally joint is that it´s set up of value and unparalleled sense to another human dimensions; its beginning, mainly, send to a Being bigger than those, that receive it and communicate it. In the human person dignity lies the value of the human life, and consequently its sense ; actually it is matter of properties naturely intrinsic to the human person life, because its subsistence and assertion don´t depend on external factors, let´s see that, can the accidents put in question the being of the substance, but don´t delete them, neither corrodes its essense and existence. In spite of the accidents don´t corrode the essence and the existence of the substance, they worry them, and put extrinsicly on cause the existence and the essence of the substance. Thus, although the attempts don´t intrinsicly corrode the dignity of the human person, the life of the human person, they put her on cause, so, we interrogate its value and sense, although be imanents by the intrinsic dimension of the human person dignity. In spite of, the extrinsic dimension of the human person dignity, the value and the sense of the human life, can be put on cause, the laws or the norms could´n effectively be capables to drive the men to an open morality, to a conduct that raise to the authenticity and the integrity, therefore, only the listening of the conscience´s voice, the attention to the foundation man´s spirituality, the soul´s return to itself, is able to open a way to the knowlegde and the contemplation of a society morally open, based in the love to the humanity. Keywords : Dignity, value and sense of the human life, human conscience.
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