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Gavin Ovsak
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Bachelors Bioengineering Duke University 2015
Mayo Clinic, Intern in the Mayo Clinic Ventures Department, 6/2014 - Present Summary - Mayo Clinic Ventures helps doctors develop their ideas and discoveries that will “truly transform healthcare.” Here, I work with innovative doctors to help develop their ideas by critically analyzing and verifying their merits while trying to help evolve them into powerful applications. Towerview Healthcare, Intern and Technical Consultant, 2/2014 - Present Summary - Taking one’s medicine on a daily schedule seems easy on paper, but I know from experience how easily it slips the mind. I reached out to learn more when I heard that a team of Duke Alumni was developing a device to track when people take their drugs and partner with their doctors to encourage compliance through smart reminders. I have since helped them build their software and soon I will be working with care providers to learn about their feedback as we pilot the service. I hope that my contribution will help patients everywhere to manage their health. Google, Google Student Ambassador at Duke University, 8/2013 - 5/2014 Summary - With my experience as an intern at Google and being a finalist in the 2011 Google Science Fair, it was an easy decision to apply to become a Google Student Ambassador on campus. I had learned about so many free services for research and collaboration while at Google, and I was happy to let people know that they were available and demonstrate their usefulness. I was also very excited to get to try out Google Glass and let others at Duke University try it for themselves. It came in handy when I was on crutches for three months to be able to communicate hands-free. I could see similar technology being very helpful to the disabled community. Duke University, Undergraduate Lab Assistant in the Nicolelis Lab, 4/2012 - 10/2013 Summary - I have been trained to work directly with Macaques in the Duke Vivarium. As a lab, we work on developing Brain Computer Interfaces for direct neural control of robotics as well as neural feedback. I help run tests and help program the tests. Google, Software Engineering Intern on the Hangouts API Team, 1/2013 - 8/2013 Summary - I began programming in high school and have found that it is both something I am quite good at and useful in many areas of my life. I admire Google’s focus on empowering the world with knowledge, and how active their employees are in their communities. After a tough interview process, I worked as an intern on the Google Hangouts team in Kirkland, WA, and learned a lot over the course of last summer. I took the idea of making it easier to help others in live video conversations and turned it into a full feature largely on my own which was released by the end of summer as "Control Room". I worked with Al Jazeera and the Huffington Post to test it, received a peer bonus, and had a glowing exit interview. Medtronic, Engineering Intern in the Core Technologies Division, 6/2011 - 8/2011 Summary - At the Medtronic World Headquarters, I worked on a variety of projects. I designed, 3D modeled, and then used a material testing apparatus for hyper elastic metal wires. I designed and implemented a testing protocol for synchronized high speed image capture and tensile testing and wrote code to analyze large sets of image files. The image analysis code implemented both blob and edge detection to track marks. I also prepared and tested the material properties of animal heart valve tissue before and after thawing.
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