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Jay Deshmukh
Total Earnings
Physics Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur
Projects & Publications
Finding Johnson Noise's dependence on temperature
22 Sep 2016 to 08 Nov 2016 Link
◦ Investigated the dependence of Johnson noise on temperature by measuring the Johnson noise across a piece of metal over a range of 77K to 400K using liquid nitrogen and a heating module. ◦ Obtained the value of absolute zero in the celsius scale and the Boltzmann’s constant using linear regression. ◦ Completed the project by obtaining linear dependence of Johnson noise on temperature.
Assessing systematic effects of top pair production
15 May 2016 to 14 Jul 2016 Link
It was a part of a larger project, which was a search for microscopic black holes in accordance with the ADD model. This search aimed to tackle the hierarchy problem by hypothesising that the gravitational force is a highedimensional force therefore acting weakly in our 3 dimensional space. The signal for the microscopic black holes was a dimuon event with certain cuts on the track multiplicity, transverse momentum of the muons, phi, eta, impact parameter etc. My job was to assess the systematics involved while estimating the correlated background for this process, which was the top pair production. I worked with Powheg and Madgraph samples having close to 10 million events. The task was to assign a systematic to the choice of generator while estimating the background. I used Root and c++ to analyse both the samples and compared the outcomes by scaling them to the same luminosity. Since the same cuts were being applied to both the samples, similar outcomes are expected, however the dissimilarities help us assign a systematic. I further used curve fitting techniques to capture trends in the track multiplicity distributions. The signal region was a region of very high track multiplicity and hence consisted of a small number of events. The curve fitting helped accurately predict the number of events in the signal region.
Activities & Interests

Guitarist, Music Enthusiast

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