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Joseph Herbert
Total Earnings
Masters Electrical Engineering University of Akron 2016
2009 Bachelors Electrical Engineering

Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Ltd.

| Associate Software Developer

02 Sep 2009 - 03 Apr 2011 Bangalore, India
Software Developer for Engine Control Units (E.C.U.) in Automobiles involved in the development of the ‘Engine Torque Structure’ for both Diesel and Gasoline Vehicles using Control Systems, Digital Logic and High Level Language (C) coding. Job included: • Analyzing requirements from OEM customers for module specific changes to the Torque Structure. • Designing and Implementing these Designs according to their requirements. • Software Tools used for Design and Implementation: ASCET, MICROGRAFX, COREL DESIGNER. C Language Coding was used for direct implementation • Testing the implementations in a Simulated Car Laboratory.

Nuova ASP Middle East LLC

| Sales Engineer

01 Jul 2011 - 31 Jul 2014 Dubai, U. A. E.
Dealing in Electrical Products within the Nuova ASP range of Explosion Protected equipment meant for customers in the Oil and Gas Industry. Job included: • Analyzing requirements from individual customers and contractors and proposing suitable solutions available within Nuova ASP’s range. • Preparing technical designs with AUTO CAD for the said solutions and coordinating with concerned engineers as well as end customers based on their individual requirement and application. • Quoting for the above equipment based on the requirements for the project involved. • Concluding the deals and finalizing orders with the various customers. • Serving the customer’s needs at the time of delivery, technical support for installation and other after sales related matters.
Projects & Publications

Investigation of a thermal model for a Permanent Magnet assisted Synchronous Reluctance motor

The use of High Power Density (HPD) electric machines in applications such as Electric Vehicles amplifies the need for their optimal thermal design in conjunction with their electromagnetic design. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Machines (PMaSynRMs) are specialized Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines where the magnet content in the flux barrier paths is reduced resulting in a relatively economical design. This paper provides the overview of a study of a thermal model for a Five Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Machine with two flux barrier paths. The proposed thermal model is then verified with experimental results and FEA simulations. Once developed, its use for online temperature estimation or integrated with an optimization algorithm will be considered as future work.

Prognosis of wire bond lift-off fault of an IGBT based on multisensory approach

The safe and continuous operation of the power switches of the inverter units is vital in assisting the functioning of the inverter units. This paper proposes an algorithm for the condition monitoring and prognosis of wire-bond fault in an IGBT- extensively used power switch in inverter systems. The proposed algorithm employs both on-state collector emitter voltage and collector current in the estimation of IGBT junction temperature. These two signals complement each other as thermal sensitive electrical parameters and results in better estimation of junction temperature. This algorithm has integrated a stochastic method and Coffin Manson model to introduce criticality matrix which is used to determine the necessity for IGBT replacement. Both simulation result and experiment data verified the proposed. The proposed algorithm has the scope to be further modified for the condition monitoring of a more complex system in the future.

VentureWell Stage 2 Participant

Part of E-Team which was a participant and recipient of Stage 2 award from VentureWell: VentureWell Stage 2 E-team workshop focused on refining and testing teams business models and building value for customers.
Activities & Interests