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How To Write An Essay


Learning to write an essay will prepare the student for writing all kinds of papers.  Although each essay might have a different purpose, the structure is almost always the same. The guidelines will be set forth by the instructor, but once the basics are learned, and the student knows how to write an essay, any criteria will be followed.   Be certain to write the essay in the assigned format, in the appropriate length and with the proper number of paragraphs if required.  Be certain to give credit where necessary by using quotes and supplying information in a bibliography that shows where the information was retrieved. Remember that you can get quality “essay help” when you need it

Ÿ  Essays usually have to be written on an assigned topic or theme. However, the writer may be given the choice to choose the topic.  For instance, the general topic might be “England”.  Now the student can choose Weather in England, or Government in England.

Ÿ  Once the topic has been chosen, the student will need to decide what he wants to write about.  Suppose he chose government in England.  He can decide on current government, how the government has changed over the years, or types of government or specific areas of government.

Ÿ  If he chooses specific areas of government he will need to list these areas and determine what he wants to reveal in the essay regarding each area.

Ÿ  Then the student needs to come up with a thesis statement. The student will consider different concepts that he wants to get across in the essay.  He will determine a main thought and come up with a statement that conveys that thought.   For example, he might create a thesis statement that shows a breakdown of all the different parts of the  English government

Ÿ  At this point the student will brainstorm each aspect of what needs to be covered in them.  He might begin with the parliament and work down to the Council in each county of England.  This part starts to build up the main point of the essay.  Some people choose to use a diagram to illustrate these ideas and some prefer to make lists. You can also do this as a “book report format”.

Ÿ  Take these ideas and construct an outline.  This will help you to structure the essay.

Ÿ  Develop an introductory paragraph.

Ÿ  Elaborate on the ideas chosen in the body of the essay.  This can be done with as many paragraphs as needed but within the guidelines set forth by the instructor.

Ÿ  Formulate a conclusion paragraph that ties together the main topic or thesis statement with the body of the essay.

Ÿ  Create a bibliography i.e. a list of sources used for writing the essay.

Ÿ  Check for spelling and grammar errors.  Make certain that nothing has been plagiarised and that the introduction, body and conclusion harmonize with each other.

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