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Kelsey Mock
Total Earnings
Masters Dairy Products Technology California Polytechnic State University 2015
University of California 2013 Bachelors Food Science and Technology
Hilmar Cheese Company
| Protein Operations Intern
01 Jun 2015 - 01 Sep 2015 Hilmar, CA
Project: Characterization of the Whey Protein rejection of new Ultrafiltration membranes * Familiarized with whey protein recovery operations, from whey reception to spray drying * Performed pilot scale testing of various Ultrafiltration membranes to determine Protein rejection performance * Tested retentate and permeate samples using a Foss FT-2 and HPLC * Integrated HPLC results for Beta Lactoglobulin, Alpha Lactalbumin, and GMP (Glycomacropeptide) to derive concentrations * Compiled, organized, analyzed, and then presented results to a large cross functional group
Department of Food Science, University of California, Davis
| Media Preparation Laboratory Assistant
01 Mar 2014 - 01 Jun 2014 Davis, CA
* Prepared media plates for microbiology laboratory class * Performed sterilization with autoclave
Department of Food Science, University of California, Davis
| T4 Tomato Project Intern
01 Jun 2012 - 01 Sep 2013 Davis, CA
* Trained new interns on equipment, procedures and testing methods for tomato analysis * Performed quality control tests such as pH, viscosity, color analysis for over 600 samples of standard and new tomato varieties * Worked in a pilot plant with the flash steam peeler, graded peel-ability of tomatoes
University of California, Davis
| Segundo Dining Commons Administrative Assistant
01 Sep 2011 - 01 Jun 2013 Davis, CA
* Managed schedules of all student employees, assisted in safety training * Served food to students, offering good customer service and a pleasant dining experience * Upheld HACCP protocols and monitored food safety practices
Projects & Publications
Fluid Milk Plant Design
As a group we designed a hypothetical fluid milk plant that would produce a competitive kefir drink accessible to the national market. The project required knowledge and research about the foundation of constructing a plant (equipment, production flow and construction of rooms), the product (kefir production and raw materials), food safety and quality programs, marketing and business strategy (cost and target customer). The final outcome was a presentation pitch of the kefir product as well as a written report that outlined the construction and running of the plant.
Activities & Interests

Cooking, baking, traveling and trying new cuisines, hiking, jogging, horseback riding, biking, scrapbook design/layouting.

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