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Michael Ligier
Total Earnings
Bachelors Finance New York University 2019
New York University 2019 Bachelors Computer Science
Projects & Publications
Three Stories Shared
This was a project that I did at school where I spoke about my own experiences in a TED Talk like fashion. All of the filming was done professionally as well and the presentation was open to members from the area to come and see.
Activities & Interests

I'm currently in the process of learning C (through Harvard's CS50 verified course on edX), Python (through MIT's 6.001x and 6.002x verified courses on edX), and Java through courses on Treehouse. I'm extremely interested in being an intern at a technology-based company, but in their business sector. Some projects that I'm currently working on are creating a children's book that teaches basic economic concepts (to work on my writing, teaching, and designing abilities) as well as some programming and design projects on the side which should be completed by the end of the summer.

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