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Marina Radovanovic
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Bachelors Business Brock University 2018

FLIK - Female Labratory of Innovative Knowledge

| Advising Leader

Toronto, ON
FLIK - Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge - is a community hub for female founders/leaders and apprentices to connect. Founders can take on apprentices in a meaningful project in their business, and help them gain valuable skills. Apprentices train alongside female founders and leaders to prepare themselves to be the next wave of change-making entrepreneurs. Together, we are taking action to advance women’s entrepreneurship, globally.

Queen's University

| Academic Assistant - Explorations in Creativity

Kingston, ON
Students will examine four aspects of creativity – the creative person, process, product, and press – to increase the degree to which they recognize and nurture their own creative potential. Supported by interdisciplinary research and theory, students will assess the increasing importance of creativity skills in the 21st century.

Queen's University

| Academic Assistant - Design Thinking

Kingston, ON
Design Thinking aims to help students learn design thinking techniques and apply them to real-life case studies. The course will take a cross-disciplinary approach wherein students from various academic and professional backgrounds will engage in co-creation, peer review, online discussions, and brainstorming and prototyping activities.

Queen's Univeristy

| Academic Assistant - Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Kingston, ON
This course will cover frameworks used to evaluate how disruptive and incremental innovations bring about changes in the market, and in society, by prompting new business models, technologies, and paradigms.


| Co-Founder & CXO

Kingston, ON
HeroHub is an online platform that creates a greater social impact, through a hub that connects local charities and non-profits to individuals and business seeking volunteer or sponsorship opportunities, charity events, and the donation of new or gently-used items.
Projects & Publications

10 Things You Can Donate that YOU Did Not Know!

1 hour of work + 3 posters = more donations & community awareness. This equation inspired me to write this article, and express the fact that anyone can give back!

Blood Drive Event Host (Canada Blood Services) x 2

Spearheaded a Blood Drive event on behalf of my business HeroHub and the QICSI 19' cohort; for the benefit of the Kingston Blood Clinic! Helped the Blood Clinic reach 98& and 104% of their daily donation goal!

Clothing Drive for the benefit of the Kingston Youth Shelter

Hosted a clothing drive on behalf of my business, HeroHub, for the benefit of The Kingston Youth Shelter.
Activities & Interests

Hockey, The Gym, Yoga, Coaching

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