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How to play the Chrome Dinosaur game without setting offline mode

By typing the right address, you can access Google Chrome's Dinosaur Easter Egg without necessarily having to find yourself without an Internet connection. A good trick on both desktop and mobile.

As has been known for some time, Google Chrome includes a hidden “surprise” (Easter Egg) which, however, is fully visible only when a network connection is not available. In such situations, the Mountain View browser displays an error message accompanied by an 8-bit icon of a T-Rex. By pressing the space bar or touching this icon on your smartphone, the dinosaur comes alive and reveals a continuous scrolling platform game with which you can entertain yourself while waiting for the connection to return.

But to access Chrome's jumping Dino game you don't necessarily need to be offline: just type the right pseudo-URL in the browser's address bar to force the game to be activated whenever you want. The URL in question is chrome: // dino.

The forced activation of the hidden T-Rex game in Google Chrome works on both the desktop and mobile version of the Google browser, and is an opportunity that will certainly be appreciated by a large number of users given the considerable popularity of the Easter. Jurassic Egg (played 270 million times each month).

Hack Dinosaur Game on Chrome

The steps mentioned below are dino game cheats that allow you to get amazing scores by making the dinosaur invincible and letting it run around without getting pinched by birds or cacti.

To hack the dinosaur game, you must first be in the «No Internet» screen where the game appears.

1. Then enter chrome: // dino in the address bar or

2. Right-click anywhere on the screen and select "Inspect" from the menu that appears.

3. A new window will appear and you will need to select the "Console" tab.

4. In this tab, copy and paste the command written below and press the «Enter» key:

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

5. At this point nothing will happen, but be patient and enter another code:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function () {}

Now, in the game screen, click the mouse or tap the space bar on the keyboard to start the game. Your dinosaur should now be able to run between birds and cacti without dying.

How to undo the deception of the dinosaur game?

After playing for a while and getting a high enough score, if you want to stop the game to get a high score, you will need a way to finish the game. But you can't do that by colliding with a cactus, because you've already broken the Dino game.

To make the game work as it originally did and to stop the dinosaur, enter this command:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

How does the dinosaur cheat code for immortality work?

Since you have already entered the code to hack the Dinosaur game, every time it hits an object, the "Runner.prototype.gameOver ()" command is called. This code replaces the gameOver function with an empty function.

So instead of hearing the beep or seeing the Game Over message, keep running.

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