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Marlena Ruthe
Total Earnings
Bachelors Design Iowa State University of Science and Technology 2017
| Graphic Design & Marketing Intern
10 May 2016 - 24 Aug 2016 Chicago, IL
Projects & Publications
Compress 'N Stretch
28 Aug 2015 to 10 Dec 2015 Link
A compression system designed for the baby boomer population to recover from workouts quicker and with less pain. It has an inner shell and outer shell designed to compress and allow the user to heat and ice.
The Niche
28 Aug 2015 to 10 Dec 2015 Link
The Niche is a bedside table that replaces the conventional night stand for college students living in dorms, or for young millennials who don't have room for a night stand by their bed. It also comes with a detachable bag that can hold the millennials essential items back and forth from home to school or work.
Activities & Interests

Printmaking specifically linoleum or wood relief, traveling, and photography

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