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Maximilian Mezzomo
Total Earnings
Undecided Undecided New York University 2019
| Intern
07 Jul 2014 - 18 Jul 2014 Meyrin, Switzerland
Programming some basic detector collision simulations in C++ for the 2014/2015 Inner tracking system (ITS) upgrade.
| Intern
06 Jul 2015 - Present Meyrin, Switzerland
Performing several test on an updated prototype for detector chip that will be part of the 2018/2019 ITS upgrade. Tests are to determine ideal settings for calibration and effect of bias on results.
Projects & Publications
Activities & Interests

I love sports, music, nature. I have always played soccer, tennis, rugby, swimming and I will start Shorinji Kempo martial art. I have played the piano since I was five and Iattempt to play guitar. Love creating stuff, whether it's physical objects, music, videos, software. So I am trying to develop as many skills as possible as to be able to better attempt at creating things that can improve life, be fun or just creative and innovative.
I am passionate about Product design and all that comes with it: sketching, modeling, CAD/CAM work, prototyping, marketing, advertising, testing and MAKING!
I studied one year of engineering at INSA de Lyon before moving to NYU in the fall 2015.

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