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Matthew Smith
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Bachelors Chemical Engineering University of Tennessee 2015
I served in the United States Marine Corps for a little over 5 years after which I was honorably discharged, I was the section leader of the mortar platoon. I have had some experience working with projects designing heat exchangers and plant wide projects. I recently won the challenge "Help Make the Oil Recovery Process Less Wasteful," from Shell. I am currently looking for to move to Houston Texas to try and enter the oil industry.
Projects & Publications
Activities & Interests

Most of the activities that I participate in involve being outdoors, I love to be in nature and I love to explore. I have traveled to many places in the world including, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Spain, Iraq, and Kuwait. I am very interested in applying what I have learned to the activities I partake in, whether it be from building an efficient sprinkler system or creating a solar shower that can be used for hot water during the winter.

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