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Ryan Murphy
Total Earnings
PHD Food Science Purdue University 2017
Garlic Etc
| Partner
01 Sep 2004 - 01 Sep 2013 Winnipeg, MB
-Produced, processed and sold raw garlic and other specialty agricultural products -Managed business development from direct sale to a wholesale and email-order system -Performed promotional activities including media interviews
Purdue University
| Graduate Research Fellow - Food Science
West Lafayette, IN
-Optimized procedures for generating β-lactoglobulin microparticles with discrete size distributions -Developed methods to efficiently separate microparticles from large aggregates and free materials -Examined the effects of microparticles on interfacial properties of oil/water systems
Murphy et al Inc
| Research Associate
01 Jul 2007 - 01 Jul 2013 Winnipeg, MB
-Supported agricultural research trials of new cultivars, seed treatments and pest control measures -Developed new products and processes using stone-milled gluten free grains
Kraft Canada
| Research, Development and Quality Intern
22 May 2012 - 22 Aug 2012 Montreal, QB
-Updated aflatoxin specifications for raw peanuts to accommodate periodic supply fluctuations, incorporating procurement, logistics, quality, operations and regulatory concerns -Conducted analytical, sensory and intellectual property assessments of two new products -Delivered findings and recommendations to senior leaders in procurement, marketing, research and development, quality and operations
University of Manitoba
| Student Researcher
22 May 2011 - 22 Aug 2011 Winnipeg, MB
-Developed novel experimental protocols for the concentration of lycopene by foam fractionation. -Analysed and presented findings to academic researchers and the public
University of Manitoba
| Student Researcher
22 May 2010 - 22 Aug 2010 Winnipeg, MB
-Extracted and characterized fructans from novel sources -Analysed and presented findings to researchers and industry partners
St Boniface Research Centre
| Research Assistant
01 Jul 2009 - 01 Mar 2010 Winnipeg, MB
-Evaluated natural compounds from garlic processing waste as potential heart therapeutics
University of Manitoba
| Student Researcher
22 May 2008 - 22 Aug 2008 Winnipeg, MB
-Extracted food-grade pigments from garlic processing waste -Developed assays to evaluate pigment suitability in food and non-food applications -Analysed and presented findings to researchers and industry partners
NuEats Food Innovation
| Team Leader - Logistics
01 Nov 2011 - 01 Jul 2013 Winnipeg, MB
-Ensured compliance with regulations governing food production and distribution -Coordinated researchers, processors and food service providers to complete projects on time. -Developed novel food products, including a roasted buckwheat snack and a gluten-free pizza crust -Assessed market potential new products with a focus on social media tools and personal interaction -Represented the organization in media interviews
Projects & Publications
Control of thermal fabrication and size of β-lactoglobulin-based microgels and their potential applications
Thermal fabrication of β-lactoglobulin-based microgels was influenced by ionic strength, pH and reducing agent concentration. β-lactoglobulin/pectin-based microgel fabrication was influenced by ionic strength and anion type. Microparticle systems derived from food-grade materials have potential uses as controlled delivery vehicles, textural modifiers and interfacial stabilizers.
Garlic extracts prevent oxidative stress, hypertrophy and apoptosis in cardiomyocytes: a role for nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide
Extracts of both the skin and flesh of garlic prevent norepinephrine induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy and apoptosis. These effects may be partially due to reduction in oxidative stress, and may be mediated by nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide.
Dynamic and viscoelastic interfacial behavior of β-lactoglobulin microgels of varying sizes at fluid interfaces
Interfacial adsorption of β-lactoglobulin-based microgels was influenced by bulk concentration and particle size, with smaller particles adsorbing faster. Microgel-stabilized interfaces were dominantly elastic, and elasticity increased more rapidly when smaller microgels were employed as stabilizers. Interfacial compression increased surface pressure but not elasticity, possibly due to mechanical disruption of inter-particle interactions. Monolayer images showed the presence of small aggregates, suggesting that microgel structure can be disrupted at low interfacial loadings. The ability of β-lactoglobulin microgels to form highly elastic interfacial layers may enable improvements in the colloidal stability of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
Activities & Interests

Institute of Food Technologists - Student Chapter
Phi Tau Sigma - Associate Member
IFTSA College Bowl Competition
Purdue University Student Soybean Product Innovation Competition
Purdue Fencing Club

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