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Nayeon Kim
Total Earnings
Bachelors Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2016
Factual Inc, UI/UX Design Intern, 6/2014 - Present Summary - • Built an interactive geocode visualization tool for analyzing the quality of Factual’s API data • Produced wireframes and high-fidelity mock-ups for Factual’s Data Preview tool using Balsamiq and Photoshop • Designed and built a smart search bar tool to enhance the existing search tools in Data Preview The Tech, Advertising Manager, 9/2012 - Present Summary - • Corresponded with advertising clients, contributing to over $170,000 in revenue for The Tech this year • Initiated and led a project to implement online advertising services on the web edition of The Tech • Designed a comprehensive media kit and rate card to be distributed to advertisers MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Undergraduate Researcher, 1/2013 - 8/2013 Summary - • Assisted in designing language experiments and creating experiment stimuli using PRAAT speech analysis software. • Programmed in Python to assist with processing the brain imaging data. • Ran fMRI scans and electroencephalography(EEG) sessions, collecting data on structural image and wave data. • Analyzed structural MRI scans and performed quality control using Freesurfer software in Linux. • Authored a guide to Freesurfer analysis on Github that is currently shared with the Gabrieli laboratory to help other researchers learn the software and analyze their structural data more effectively.
Projects & Publications
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Graphic Design, Oil Painting, Traveling, Languages

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