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Raed Ahmed
Total Earnings
Bachelors Electrical Engineering University of Maryland 2024
University of Maryland 2024 Bachelors Chemical Engineering
Projects & Publications
Arduino Rube Goldberg Project
11 Apr 2021 to 29 Jun 2021 Link
Using C language and Java to program Ultrasonic sensor input to trigger servo 180-degree output when object is within 3 cm and press a button in order to start a smoothie machine for rube Goldberg project
COVID-19 Infection Simulator using C language
10 Feb 2021 to 26 Feb 2021 Link
Hard coded linked lists and dynamically allocated arrays storing patient interactions given infection rate, mask procedure, vaccination statistics, etc. per interaction determining COVID-19 spread rate over 52 weeks using C language
Activities & Interests

I love to use major skills like Electrical Engineering for tinkering with small electronics and robotics or studying and developing clean energy within the chemical Engineering field. My personal favorite activities are boxing, tennis, playing some guitar , and playing with my Leopard Geckos

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