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Ross Baugher
Total Earnings
Bachelors Mechanical Engineering University of Florida 2017
Reformed University Fellowship Ministry team
| Mechanical Design Team Captain
01 Aug 2013 - 01 May 2014 Gainesville, FL
* Worked as part of a team of 5 to design and build a robot to pre-set specifications in order to complete an assigned task * Worked to complete design efficiency matrices and submitted multiple detailed design reports * Manufactured parts on a lathe, milling machine, and CNC * Lead a presentation based on the semester's progress
Projects & Publications
Design Manufacturing Lab
22 Aug 2013 to 20 Dec 2013 Link
Build a robot that could collect items and deposit them into specified containers
Bolt Band
22 Aug 2013 to 22 May 2014 Link
Designed and Developed a portable wearable mobile charger that doubled as a wristwatch
Activities & Interests

soccer, tennis, hiking, fishing, reading, designing

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