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Robert Washbourne
Total Earnings
Undecided Computer Science University of Nevada, Reno 2020
Projects & Publications
Depth sensing using 2 rgb cameras
05 Jun 2015 to 01 Jan 2016 Link
Using line by line singular block matching in python to find distance to objects. Still working on speed of computation.
Idea sharing web app on mindsumo
01 May 2016 to 07 Jun 2016 Link
I built a web app for Machine Manufacturer Co as a challenge on mindsumo, and won the challenge. You can see the finished project by clicking the link below. I used ruby on rails, javascript, and html to finish the project :)
Activities & Interests

Python, Coding, Computer Vision, Game theory, graph theory, four color theorem, fencing, ping pong, and freeline skates.

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