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Sara Longenecker
Total Earnings
Bachelors Mechanical Engineering Iowa State University of Science and Technology 2018
Iowa State University, College of Computer Engineering
| Teaching Assistant
01 Jan 2014 - Present Ames, Iowa
Have been trained in resume writing and critiquing Analyzed resumes and advised students on how to improve their resumes Formulated an efficient critiquing and grading method
Projects & Publications
Egg Drop
14 Jan 2015 to 14 Jan 2015 Link
In my ME 270 we had to design a similar project to the egg drop where we had to design something to protect a Pringle potato chip from three tests. We weren’t told what the three tasks would be. The only things we were given were 10 sheets of paper, two long strips of tape, 50 minutes to work on our task, and were allowed to ask two questions. The tasks ended up being, having to withstand a very thick textbook being placed on it, a drop from the second floor, and having water poured on it. Our chip ended up only being a little damp when we removed it from our paper contraption.
Activities & Interests

I am in the learning community WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and I also live on a WISE floor. I attend WISE events and meetings very often. I am also involved in the club SWE or Society of Women Engineers. I attend their general meetings and try to go to any events I can. As a Teaching Assistant in the Computer and Electrical Engineering Department, I often hear about engineering events or about engineering career services seminars, I try to attend these events as often as my schedule permits. I am also in involved in House Cabinet in my dorm by being the social chair on my floor; I help plan events for my floor.

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