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Spencer Lin
Total Earnings
Bachelors Chemical Biology Stevens Institute of Technology 2015
Salus University 2019 Undecided Doctorate of Optometry (OD)
Eye Care Associates of Princeton
| Optometrist
20 Jul 2019 - Present Princeton, NJ
Provide routine and medical ocular examinations and management.
Stevens Institute of Technology
| Undergraduate Researcher
01 Jul 2014 - 01 Apr 2015
Underwent preliminary epidemiological research of El Salvador (socioeconomic variables) Developed sustainable methods of addressing vision health Developed questionnaire to test specific variables to determine reason for high cataract prevalence in El Salvador Conducted ELISA analysis for patients with cataracts for cytokine profiling
Hackensack University Medical Center
| Undergraduate Researcher
01 Feb 2014 - 01 May 2014
• Analyzed process of obtaining blood results to develop time-saving solutions to promote efficiency • Provided systemic breakdown of process for further analysis • Recorded and interpreted quantitative data using Microsoft Excel to critically analyze time needed for each process and found points of interests to make more efficient
University of Amsterdam
| Global Exchange Ambassador
01 Sep 2013 - 01 Dec 2013
Projects & Publications
Cytokine Profiling to Determine Cataract Causing Infectious Agents
21 Jan 2015 to 27 Apr 2015 Link
Abstract: There is a high prevalence of cataract induced blindness in El Salvador. The research done during the previous semester was focused on genetics, nutrition, and environmental factors. This semester focused on infectious agents that are capable of causing cataracts, such as Toxoplasma gondii, Mycobacterium leprae, and Onchocerca volvulus. Observing the immune response can determine the presence of these agents and connect them to being the cause of the cataracts. In this experiment, samples were provided by 6 individuals, ages 18 to 70 for cytokine analysis. 12 cytokines (IL1a, IL1B, IL2, IL4, IL5, IL6, IL8, IL10, IL12, IL13, IL17A, and GM-CSF) were tested using ELISA and absorbances of the plate were read using a microplate reader at 450 nm. There were significant differences in cytokine concentrations in particular individuals, specifically samples 3, 5, and 6. Sample 3 showed higher IL1a, IL1b, and IL8 concentrations. Sample 5 showed a high concentration of IL1a and IL1b cytokines. Finally, sample 6 showed a high concentration of IL13.
Activities & Interests

Piano, tennis, programming, calisthenics

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