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Michael Sotiriou
Total Earnings
Associates Engineering Suffolk County Community College 2015
Tabor Academy
| Assistant Engineer
04 Jun 2011 - 07 Aug 2013 Marion, Mass.
I was a crew member on board a 114 ft schooner (SSV Tabor Boy) who was responsible for maintaining and servicing equipment and systems as well as manage power distribution and fluid consumption.
| Component Assembler and Tester
01 Jun 2009 - 01 Jun 2010 Long Island, NY
Assembled various types of electrical components, primarily gas flow monitoring equipment. I was also responsible for testing/calibrating particular equipment as needed.
Projects & Publications
Construction of a 13ft speed boat
This was part of my high school senior project in which I chose to design and construct a boat within 6 weeks. I designed and analyzed the structure using Rhino 4.0. and AutoCad. The construction method is that of a foam core between several layers of epoxy infused, bi-directional fiberglass. The hull has been completed but the remainder of the project ceased due to lack of resources.
Full-Scale Trebuchet
A trebuchet designed to be compact and utilize modern materials to maximize energy delivered to the projectile. Through the use of many high strength pulleys and 6, 360lb extension springs, the trebuchet could send a 5lb pumpkin over 1000ft.
Built a 3D Printer
Since 3D printing was still relatively new and very expensive, I decided to build my own to save money and increase capability. It is accurate to 100 microns but can be tuned to 60 microns. It has proved very useful in prototyping and visualizing concepts.
Ion Engine
Through the use of a high voltage inverted, it was possible to create an engine that ionized the air such that it would create thrust. This engine was mounted to a small scale boat to determine power consumption and force vectors. The purpose of this project was a science project to determine the validity of a high speed ion propelled craft for space travel.
Practicality of Solar Panels for homes
Though the information is outdated, I gathered data and analyzed various factors affecting the costs of personnel solar panels for homes. The project was intended to determine the validity of purchasing solar panels based on location and current government reimbursement. It also dealt with other solar energies and large scale facilities.
Dynamics demonstration
21 Apr 2015 to 07 May 2015 Link
I developed code and a device to demonstrate dynamics, particularly rotational to linear motion (or rotational motion alone). It could be set at a constant velocity or have an acceleration set as a function of time. It was based on powering a high torque motor through a MOSFET controlled by the PWM output on an Arduino Uno.
Activities & Interests


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