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Steven Meikle (They/Them)
Total Earnings
Bachelors Materials Science and Engineering University of Central Florida 2023
Code Ninjas, Union City
| Computer Science Instructor
01 Oct 2020 - 17 Jun 2021 Union City, CA
- Utilizes Bloom's Taxonomy approach to teach computer science principles using JavaScript. - Teaches introductory-level block programming using Scratch Jr. and Scratch. - Teaches introductory and intermediate-level JavaScript and Python. - Develops computer science and technology camps. - Teaches 3D design using Tinkercad and AutoCad software.
Code Ninjas, Viera
| Computer Science Instructor
20 Aug 2018 - 05 Jan 2021 Viera, FL
Teaching Topic Areas: Javascript, MIT App Inventor, Arduino, Circuitry Physics, Lua, Roblox Studio, Tinkercad, Snap Circuits, and Scratch.
theCoderSchool Berkeley
| Computer Science Instructor
13 May 2021 - Present Berkeley, CA
Responsibilities include mentoring and coaching students in computer science through project-based learning using languages such as JavaScript, Python, Lua, and Scratch. Students who are enrolled at theCoderSchool have developed innovative solutions to global challenges. Such projects include Drone/AI social distance detection software, real-time weather analysis apps, and Covid-19 wellness assessment apps. My additional teaching proficiencies include Tinkercad, AutoCAD, data science topics, and Arduino circuits/programming.
Projects & Publications
Designing Efficient, Cost-effective, and Accessible Biohybrid DSSC Models via Application of Biological Photosensitizers Coupled with TiO2 Nanoparticles and Gel Polymer Electrolyte
22 Jun 2021 to 06 May 2023 Link
A biohybrid dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) will be constructed using a Photosystem I and blackcurrant anthocyanin TiO2 nanoparticle photosensitizing layer, an electron recombination reducing gel polymer electrolyte (GPE) using chitosan-derivatives, and a counter electrode catalytic platinum layer. Materials processing and production is achievable by utilizing an aquaponics system, a reciprocal process in which aquatic organisms supplement nutrients for the production of soybean and black currant Photosystem 1 and anthocyanins. Characterization and performance of the biohybrid DSSC model will be assessed by acquiring preliminary knowledge of the following parameters: JSC (mA/cm2), VOC (mV), FF, and efficiency (%). Future parameters for evaluation potentially include EQE and integrated reflectance. The engineering goal is to achieve an efficiency value of 15% and improve the value from there by experimenting with varying layer thickness, nanoparticle sizes and shapes, and extraction techniques for photosensitizers.
Activities & Interests

Founder of the non-profit The Grove Comp Project, which is an outreach, civic engagement, and research project that integrates concepts from computer science and environmental science. I was accepted to pursue this project at the Clinton Global Initiative University with my mentor from Duke University. The GroveComp Project teaches primary and secondary students how to compute normalized difference vegetation indices (NDVIs) for mangrove deforestation imagery analysis, in addition to using neural networks for other mangrove viability statistics. The programming language for operations and teaching is Python. Regarding the research sector, two cohorts exist in which specific participants engage in field-work restoration whereas others prioritize neural networking and NDVIs to target locations for field-work restoration.

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