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Writing Opinion Paper: The Ultimate Guide


An opinion paper is a type of persuasive paper that mainly reflects the author's opinion on a subject or topic. In most cases, your teacher might assign you a topic that will be related to an event or a situation that is currently happening or has happened in the past, in your country, or any other part of the world. The event will usually have large-scale negative or positive impacts on politics, economics, society, or humanity in general. Therefore, you would be expected to share your personal beliefs, thoughts, or feelings on the respective event and its impacts. 


An opinion paper will help your teacher to assess your thinking and vision about the happenings in the world and how you are influenced by them. Therefore, your efforts should be focused on persuading the readers that your standpoint on this topic is the most suitable one. Although the paper should incorporate your opinion about the topic, you should also learn more about the topic through research to deliver an honest opinion. Since this assignment helps a teacher to evaluate a student’s performance, I always consider asking experts to write my paper to be able to secure an A+ grade. 








Writing an opinion paper: a step by step guide

Step 1: Understand what should be included in an opinion paper

To write the best opinion paper, you would need to report your personal original views on the given topic. You will have to craft selected arguments by developing imaginative research solutions with the help of your groundbreaking original ideas. You will also have to support your arguments through reasoning, facts, real-life examples, statistics, and other published research data or studies. Although the paper should not necessarily expand on opinions by others, it should be written in a convincing, professionally sound, and logical manner. This might sound to you like a stressful task, therefore, consult an essay writer as your semester grades depend on this assignment. 



Step 2: Strictly follow the standard format 

A proposed structure for an opinion paper is as follows:

The introductory paragraph should be started with an interesting and thought-provoking sentence. A rhetorical question can also be used which can easily grab the readers' interest and hook them to get to know the answer. This paragraph directly focuses on introducing the event or situation to the readers in the minimum words possible. It should also include a thesis statement which is your proposed hypothesis regarding the event and its impacts.

In most cases, the body section of the paper should be divided into a  maximum of 5 pages (almost 1500 words) and multiple paragraphs. It should contain an innovative and original hypothesis that should reflect your position on the topic. The discussion section should be supported with the help of published data, which is relevant to your topic. For this purpose, you would need to locate supporting material from scholarly journals and books and present it in such a way that it can convey your stance to the readers.  

You will also have to include a convincing analysis of the impacts of the hypothesis on the target audience or politics, economics, and society. You would also need supporting material from already published research studies and data to indicate the long and short-term impacts of the event. Locating suitable evidential information is the most important step of writing an opinion paper. For this purpose, a certified and credible paper writing service can be consulted, if you are unable to find authentic supporting data for your paper. 

The topic sentence of the body paragraphs should be argumentative and not based on factual evidence. The body section should follow a logical sequence and represent a coherent flow of information so that your readers do not get confused. Each paragraph should carry a separate idea and continue representing the idea till the end of the paragraph. Transitional words or phrases should be used while switching to the next idea or paragraph. Thus, a good opinion paper follows a logical and consistent structure and helps the audience with better readability. 

The conclusion should be based on the restatement of your proposed hypothesis and main arguments. You would also have to discuss your research findings in this section. The results should be clearly stated so that the readers get to know about your final statements regarding the topic. 

The References list should contain all the details of the sources used in the main body of the paper. You should follow your teacher's instructions regarding the number of sources or use at least ten sources to support your research.  You can also consult a custom essay writing service.



Step 3: Watch out for the Dos and Don’ts 

Basic Dos when writing the paper

Use a formal style of academic writing.

Use logically sound argumentative style.

State your arguments clearly.

Cite the sources properly according to your teacher's instructions or use any online citation apps, which can help you in recording and arranging all the sources used. If you need help, contact an essay writing service.



Basic Don’ts when writing the paper

Avoid using jargon and slang. 

Do not use contractions or short forms of words.

Do not add any facts or statistics without proper referencing.

Do not use logical fallacies.



Step 4: The concluding remarks 

As a final piece of advice, watch out for any grammar, spelling, structural, and citation errors. Therefore, proofread your opinion paper several times to avoid such mistakes. You can also use online auto-correction apps for an expert review or Buy dissertation


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