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Valerie Nunez
Total Earnings
Bachelors Design Savannah College of Art and Design 2019
San Ignacio School Dance Team
| Manager
Caracas, Venezuela
Administered and organized payments among dancers, coreographers, costume designers and dance classrooms. Assisted the coreographer to plan the dance itself and the rehearsals. Maintained a fluid communication with all the members of the team.
EDASI Magazine
| Sub-director
Caracas, Venezuela
Supervised and directed the complete magazine team. Budgeted and developed the concept of the magazine. Negotiated with sponsors; offered publicity opportunities and obtained the required funds. Published a local magazine with a printing range of 3000 units. Managed all social media.
San Ignacio School Dance Team
| Costume Designer
Caracas, Venezuela
Analyzed the needs customers (dancers and coreographer) had, and developed several designs which were proposed as possible final constumes. Supervised all the process and communicated with dessmakers, coreographer, dancers and parents.
Projects & Publications
Activities & Interests

Industrial Design

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