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Zachary Lund
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Bachelors Mechanical Engineering Colorado State University 2017
NASA Space Grant Program, Colorado State University, Mechanical Engineering Student, 5/2014 - 8/2014 Summary - As part of a team of four, our primary objective was to create a device to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide against altitude in the Earth's troposphere. Our device was eventually attached to a weather balloon, and ascended to an elevation of roughly 100,000 feet above sea level. The device had to function properly at the extremely low temperatures and pressures seen at these high altitudes. Additionally, there were structural, financial, and weight constraints that our team had to abide by when creating this device. Overall, the project was a success, and our team succeeded in measuring carbon dioxide concentrations against altitude, a feat that previous Colorado State University teams before us had not succeeded at. Cummins Inc., Product Validation Engineer, 6/2013 - 12/2013 Summary - Being a Product Validation Engineer for the Marine team, I worked primarily with the QSK38 and QSK50 engines. Both engines were in the pre-production stage, and required validation testing. I supported test cell operations for these engines, such as stop-cycle and fast-cycle testing, and constantly performed fit-checks on newly designed components. I was in charge of operational deflection shape testing of the QSK38, and worked hand-in-hand with a team to ensure it was done correctly. I conducted a thermal imaging report of the QSK38, ensuring that external temperatures met SOLAS requirements, and published my report. Additionally, I spearheaded a low cost heat shielding project for the QSK38, developing a tech profile, coordinating with suppliers, and managing resources. Working with the Dual-Fuel group, I helped set up test cells to be natural gas compatible, enabling dual-fuel tests to be run in those test cells. I worked primarily with the QSK19 and QSK50 dual-fuel engines, and supporting testing such as abusive thermal cycle testing and stop-cycle testing. I also carried out daily data-mining on engines currently running in test cells to check for problems or abnormalities. One of my primary projects was to define, carry-out, and approve the environmental testing to be completed on the ComAp control panel. This panel controlled the dual-fuel operation of the QSK19, and environmental testing needed to take place to validate the panel for use with Cummins engines. Cummins Inc., Design Engineer, 1/2012 - 8/2012 Summary - As a Design Engineer with the High Horsepower department, I primarily worked with the QSK19, the QSK38, and the QSK50 Tier IV engines. I worked extensively with the CAD software ProE to create part drawings, engine models, and assembly structures. Additionally, I regularly modified existing CAD drawings and ensured they conformed to the proper GD&T requirements. I used analysis software, such as ANSYS, to run FEA and CFD analyses of components in the conceptual stage. I also used Cummins specific tools to run other analyses, such as a bolted joint analysis and dimensional variation analysis. My primary project for this internship was redesigning the rock shield of the QSK19 Rail engine to better fit the customer needs. I started the design process from step one, defining the requirements, and followed the process all the way through to a successful design review. The rock shield design passed the design stage, and I published my design review. Landmark Event Staffing Services Inc, Security Supervisor, 8/2010 - 12/2011 Summary - As a security supervisor at sporting events, I was in charge of between 4 and 12 employees at all times. Prior to the start of games, my team would assist local law enforcement with traffic efficiency and crowd control, and ensure a safe tailgating environment. During games, my team would maintain public safety in the large crowds, ensure player safety, and also reduce alcohol and drug abuse. Many sporting events yielded new security employees, and I would help coach the new employees how to handle unfamiliar situations effectively. The Honda Superstore of Lisle, Express Service Technician, 1/2009 - 12/2009 Summary - My primary duties as an express service technician included oil changes, tire rotations, transmission and differential fluid changes, mounting and balancing tires, brake jobs, engine and underbody inspections, and other minor repairs. I was 1 of 2 individuals in the express service department certified to work on brakes. When customers had complaints of their car not operating correctly, I was able to diagnose the problem and repair what needed replacing.
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