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Paid Position Fast growing Startup Build your own Team Flexible hours Set strategies & goals

Here are the details...

  • Hopefully, you are well aware of MindSumo. But, we still like to explain (gives us an opportunity to brag) - MindSumo is a community of over 300,000 college students that provide innovative ideas and solutions to challenges from companies. These are 'Real-World challenges' from over 500 big corporations (mostly Fortune 500).
  • How many times have you wanted your favorite brand to change or create something but you haven't had the chance to get through to them? Companies look forward to working with millennials to co-create their next product, or service. We have seen students earn thousands of dollars, land internships, jobs, and even patents through their work on MindSumo.
  • This is a paid position and you will work with the MindSumo team to design and execute some great initiatives on campus.
  • We are looking for highly energetic folks who care about people deeply and looks for opportunities to empower the student community.
  • We are creating a really small close knit team of CampusSumos. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a fast growing startup organization, and one day you will get to build your own marketing team.
  • We will work together to create strategies to spread awareness and drive student behavior. We are flexible and can work around your classes.
  • We would like a full-time student who loves talking to people. We'd like you to be initiatied, energetic, empathetic and organized.
  • The role will involve designing/iterating/optimizing campaigns and experiments. We understand that most experiments and campaigns will not give desired results, so we'd like you to persevere.
  • While we appreciate some passion towards marketing, we do not expect prior marketing experience.
  • We are currently building a team in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will expand to other schools in the coming months.

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