Inspire & Empower your peers

We are looking for awesome students like you that can help us grow MindSumo on college campuses.

Should you become a Campus Sumo? Absolutely!

  • You get paid $200 per month
  • It's great experience. You'll have autonomy to design your own marketing strategies and produce results. That's gold for your resume. Plus you get to tell your friends you are working with a startup on the side.
  • Meet new people. We want you to be the face of MindSumo on campus. We'll hook you up with opportunities to host events and chat with new classmates.

What is MindSumo?

Our mission with growing MindSumo is that we want more students to discover a new way to show off their problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Let's face it, campus resources aren't the best when it comes to these things. As a bonus, MindSumo can help students pay for college expenses by turning solutions into cash.

To learn more about MindSumo and why it's a great opportunity for you and your friends, check out this page before you get started.

3 Questions to ask yourself while applying:

  • Are you a people-lover? We love energetic and passionate students that genuinely enjoy speaking with other students and have desire to helping their classmates suvveed with MindSumo. No prior experience necessary.
  • Do you know how to hustle? While you'll have a few assigned tasks, much of what you will do to get other students excited about MindSumo will be determined by your creative ideas and your drive to succeed.
  • Can you get things done? Organization skills and ability to work independently is amust
If you check off the list on these three things, would you mind taking 5 minutes to fill out the following survey so we can learn a little bit more about you?
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