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What is the perfect sparkling beverage for the holidays?
Izze logo IZZE
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IZZE is a brand that seeks to elevate everyday experiences with style through uncommonly bright, bold, true to the fruit flavors. We fuse 70% juice with 30% sparkling water to bring you a bright, delicious experience!

IZZE is looking to find a way to bring its own distinctive twist to the holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas), which have traditionally been about the classics, from apple cider to egg nog. IZZE hopes to help people enjoy bold flavors and new ideas to elevate their holiday celebrations with the unique spirit of IZZE!

In order for IZZE to be successful, they must develop flavor combinations that are bold, true to the fruit, and that embrace the holiday spirit, all while helping people stand out during the holiday season of sameness.

Help us understand both through written and visual communication how IZZE can help reinvent the holiday season, developing flavors that go beyond the basics, and ways we can suggest people use IZZE during the holiday season to elevate their experience!

Please submit the following:

1) Propose a list of at least two (2), but no more than five (5) new flavors you would suggest IZZE develop specifically for the holiday season

- Flavors can be singular (blueberry) or combinations (blueberry cherry)
- Ensure the lead flavor is fruit based (e.g. blackberry hibiscus)
- Do not use any of the flavors already listed below
- Tell us why you think each flavor is right for 1) IZZE and 2) the holiday season
- Please tell use why you think people would like these new flavor(s)

2) Tell us how you would help people think about using IZZE during the holiday season
- What occasions would you suggest for people to think about IZZE during the holidays
- What are new or unique ways that people might use IZZE during the holiday season besides drinking it directly from the bottle (e.g. mixers, table decoration, etc.)

Criteria: Please do not use any of the following flavors:
- Apple
- Blackberry
- Blueberry
- Cherry Lime
- Clementine
- Grapefruit
- Peach
- Pomegranate
- Blackberry Pear
- Mandarin Lime
- Raspberry Watermelon

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