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Propose a killer application for connected lighting technology
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Small pic garage

The LED retrofit revolution across private and public spaces makes it the perfect target for connectivity efforts. There are around five billion lights installed in the United States alone. However, no one has really pinpointed that “killer application” to justify why we should put lights and related sensors online. To date, most applications have simply turned a smartphone into the on/off switch or dimming control. We think there’s a much larger opportunity when lights and the entire light ecosystem are connected and are looking for your ideas on how to capitalize on this opportunity.

We're looking for creative ideas and applications for connected lighting, we don't need tons of technical detail!

Propose a use case in a commercial, hospital, or education (K-12 & College/University settings) environment where a connected lighting system has clear value to the building occupant or owner.

1) Describe your use case – including details about the user and lighting system
2) How does the user benefit from the lighting system?
3) Why is a connected lighting system uniquely positioned to deliver this value?

Optional 1: Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, graphs or any other visuals that better explain your idea
Optional 2: Describe a scenario in which your use case shines

- Avoid ideas that control the lights (on, off, dimming) via smartphone app.
- We already have many applications for these systems to try to wow us with something really outside the box!

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