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Make weight loss a better experience for consumers
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At Medifast, we help people lose weight in an effective and healthy way through customized mealplans that fit their lifestyle and dietary needs. Customers choose a Two Week or 30 Day package of pre-portioned meals to go with their Medifast weight-loss plan and they’re on their way to reaching their weight-loss goals.

The landscape for traditional weight loss has changed over the last several years as apps and access to free information about weight loss and healthy eating on the Internet has increased. Some are attempting to take weight loss into their own hands, doing research, exercising, and buying their own food at the grocery store rather than relying on a formal weight loss program. Weight loss is a very difficult goal to achieve, and statistics show support and guidelines, like those Medifast offers today, are critical on the journey.

Please submit the following:

Propose an idea for a new product, service or approach to weight-loss that would attract people to get started and keep them as a satisfied customer. Include detail, including the following:

- Explain why your idea makes for a better weight-loss alternative than what is available today.

- How will your idea attract people who might otherwise just research weight loss on the Internet and buy their own food?

- Explain how your solution could help differentiate Medifast from other weight-loss products and services. Why do you think people will choose your solution over a competing weight-loss solution? Remember, your solution should be something unique that will catch the attention of consumers looking for an effective weight-loss solution.

- Where and how would consumers buy and experience this product/service?

- What type(s) of consumer would be most interested in this product/service? Who would not be?

- A catchy name for the product/service.

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