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Propose a new appliance for delicious grain-based breakfasts
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Breakfast is a meal that many people either eat on the go or neglect entirely. Because most people are rushing out the door in the morning, it can be hard to find time to prepare healthy grain-based dishes that provide energy throughout the day.

We are interested in creating a home appliance that allows consumers to load the ingredients for sequential addition according to a recipe and then prepares grain-based breakfasts to be ready when they need it. Clean-up must be quick and easy with minimal waste of raw materials and packaging.

Please complete the following:

1) Describe your idea for a home appliance that prepares grain-based meals for a healthy breakfast. What specific dishes would it be good for? Walk us through the user experience. Can it be used beyond breakfast meals ?

2) How would a user add all the necessary ingredients to prepare the meal? How would the appliance be cleaned after use? How would waste be minimized?

3) Attach a sketch or design of your solution, and point out where ingredients would be loaded and other important elements of the design.

1) Examples of ingredients to consider:
- Grains: raw, rolled, parboiled
- Additives: nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes, spices
- Liquids: broth, milk, syrup, flavors,

2) Emphasize the parts of your solution that make it novel or especially interesting. Is it the technology of your appliance? The ingredients or mixtures your appliance prepares? What makes it special?

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