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Tiffany Chen, Brown University Class of 2018
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Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
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How would you create a store bought ice cream that tasted like soft serve?
Shutterstock ice cream scoop in bowl Anon Ice Cream Co.
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When most people think of soft serve ice cream, they picture getting it from a special soft serve ice cream machine. However, wouldn’t it be great if consumers were able to get a store bought product that could be purchased in the supermarket, but still provide a high quality “soft serve” eating experience?

That is exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Certain products exist that have tried to replicate the soft serve ice cream experience, but none have ever managed to get the correct “soft serve” experience from a texture and taste standpoint. We hope this challenge can help us fix that!

Please submit the following:

1) Propose a recipe for an ice cream product that can be sold in cartons in store freezers, but still offer consumers a high quality “soft serve” eating experience.

2) What about your recipe allows the ice cream to achieve the taste and consistency of soft serve ice cream? Explain if there are steps in the preparation of the ice cream product that specially contribute to its “soft serve” taste and texture.

Criteria: Keep the following in mind when solving:

1) The ice cream must keep its “soft serve” texture at hard-pack ice cream temperatures (-5 to +5 degrees F).

2) The product should not contain large amounts of sugar alcohol, which can cause digestive issues

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