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What is the right snack packaging to fit in a purse?
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When it comes to snack foods, the packaging for the snacks is an important part of attracting certain demographics to buy the actual product. The packaging conveys a great deal to consumers before they even take a bite of the snack itself, so all the details (materials, shape, messaging, etc.) must be carefully considered to try and appeal to the product’s target customer.

At our company, we have a wide variety of snack products, but the packaging for these products doesn’t usually cater to women. We are interested in packaging solutions for snack products that would specifically appeal to our female customers.

Please submit the following:

1) Focus your solution on either pita chips, or a snack size pack of crackers

a) How would you design packaging for this product to specifically appeal to women?

b) What materials, messaging, and shape would you use in your design?

c) Explain how your solution would also be convenient for women. (ex. is it well designed to fit in a purse?)

2) Explain how your design improves upon existing packaging solutions. Why will women like your packaging more?

3) Attach an artistic rendering (sketch, rendering, etc.) of your packaging idea. Point out the features that make it unique and effective in attracting female shoppers.

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