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"Applying my skills to a real life problem provided me with a useful, enriching experience that I can't really find in a school setting”
Tiffany Chen, Brown University Class of 2018
Relevant project experience increases your chances of getting a job offer by 31%

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
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Help improve our online purchase/in-store pickup experience
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Walmart, like some other retailers, allows customers to purchase online and pick up the items in store with no shipping charge. This pickup service provides the convenience of online shopping, access to a larger assortment than in store and security of not having a package sit unattended. However, certain hiccups with this option have caused a poor experience for shoppers. Problems have included:

· Not every item on is available for in-store pickup
· Email communications are not perfectly clear to some customers
· Confusion with finding the correct location in the store where items can be picked up
· Extended waiting time in the store when finding an employee to help and when the employee goes in the back to retrieve the item

Please complete the following:

1) Propose an idea to improve the experience of shoppers ordering products online and then picking them up in the store.
· Feel free to focus on the current problems listed in the brief, or focus on a different problem that you think can be improved

2) How does your solution improve on the current service offering? Explain how shoppers would need to be educated and informed in order to take advantage of your solution.

3) Does technology impact your solution? If so, please explain.

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