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College students tackle company projects for experience and cash.

$3.45 M
"Applying my skills to a real life problem provided me with a useful, enriching experience that I can't really find in a school setting”
Tiffany Chen, Brown University Class of 2018
Relevant project experience increases your chances of getting a job offer by 31%

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
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Describe your ideal work environment
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We are trying to design the right work environments for the generations ahead. Our focus is on creating great experiences for the future workforce. We want to design and service the type of workplaces where people want to work, engage, be productive and thrive.

We need your help in defining that experience, how would you visualize it, what a day-in-the-life looks like, what type of space, technology, amenities and services you need to create that experience, and how would you measure it.

Submit short written answers to the following:

1. Productivity
- Describe the settings in which you are most productive.
- Do you think a corporate environment could provide these kinds of spaces? How?

2. Collaboration
- Where do you typically like to go to meet up and collaborate with others on projects and assignments?
- What would this type of space be like in a corporate environment?

3. Setting
- What would you expect to have at a minimum in a corporate office?
- What type of social setting in the workplace would surprise and delight you?

4. Services
- What workplace amenities and services (food, fitness, coffee, etc) would you expect to stay productive and engaged?
- What services and amenities would you consider extraordinary and unexpected?

5. Space
- Space is expensive to build out and gets stale quickly. What would you expect to change often to keep a workplace fresh and interesting?
- Do you any suggestions on how to do this without breaking the bank?

6. Quality
- What metrics and questions would you ask people to measure and monitor satisfaction with a workplace?

Record Your Response!
Once your written answers are complete, we'd love for you to record your answers on video. Your video response will help us review your ideas, and we might even use your insights in a company film. No need to leave your dorm room - just use your basic webcam, upload to YouTube or Vimeo, and share the URL. Submissions with video will be given priority over pure text.

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