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"Applying my skills to a real life problem provided me with a useful, enriching experience that I can't really find in a school setting”
Tiffany Chen, Brown University Class of 2018
Relevant project experience increases your chances of getting a job offer by 31%

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
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Create the next great Vine video for Doritos®
Doritos logo pull Doritos
Small pic doritos

It's time for your 6 seconds of fame. Doritos® has been dabbling with Vine for a little while, but now Doritos is boldly going all in and officially launching a Vine feed. We need your help to populate what will undoubtedly be the boldest feed on Vine, so make a 6-second video that shows the world how Doritos® are bold, unexpected, exciting, or cool in your life.

Submit a video as an attachment. Videos MUST be uploaded in MP4 format (the standard format for Vine). Each submission should include the following:

(1) Incorporation of Doritos® Product (bag or chips in the video).

(2) Be 6 seconds long or shorter.

(3) Formatted for Vine (square crop).

Check out the Doritos Vine feed to see what kind of videos are already up.

Don't use any images or videos you don't have rights to in the Vine. (For example, you can't include any clips from a TV show or movie).

Focus on one or more of our four ultimate features:

(1) INCOMPARABLE CRUNCH: Could the crunch trigger something happening? What does the crunch do to you when you hear it?

(2) ICONIC TRIANGLE: What does the triangle chip represent to you? How could the triangle surprise you in your everyday life and activities?

(3) BOLD FLAVOR: How does it make you feel when you taste the Doritos® bold flavor? What does it make you think of?

(4) FANCY SCHMANCY BAG: When you see it, what happens in your brain? What does the bag represent to you?

Winners will be exciting to watch, have a creative story, and (maybe) a cool twist!

In addition to the prizes we have above, Doritos is offering up another $8500 in prizes over at Doritos Legion of the Bold! After you submit your video here on MindSumo, head over to Doritos Legion of the Bold, sign up, and enter your Vine video in their contest as well!

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