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Design The Perfect Hotel Room Recycling System
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Recycling has become widely adopted in large spaces. Universities, restaurants, parks, and other gathering places often promote recycling by providing additional bins for disposing of glass, aluminum, and paper. Unfortunately, recycling in hotel guest rooms has not kept up with this trend. At best, an additional, small blue bin is provided.

Marriott is developing a plan to make in-room recycling easier and more scalable. We need your help to devise the right solution to achieve our goals of reducing waste.

Propose a recycling "bin" or system that will collect recyclables and encourage more in-room recycling. Submit a description of your container/system AND visuals to convey the concept (rough sketches are fine).


Your idea should:
1) Be easily recognizable as a recycling container/system
2) Fit the style and elegance of a guest room
3) Not pressure guests (avoid big eye-sores)
4) Enable quick emptying during room cleaning

Avoid ideas that include manual separation of trash/recycling or providing standard blue bins.

Ideas should look appropriate in both luxury and economy hotel rooms.

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