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How can we make owning multiple Dell Devices more awesome?
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At Dell, we make high quality laptops, desktop computers, printers, tablets, projectors, monitors, work stations, servers and more. Take a look at a listing of our consumer and business products. Our devices are some of the most popular on the market, but we're looking into ways to incentivize customers to buy more than one of our products.

We want to create an advantage for customers that own more than one Dell product. Are there opportunities for Dell devices to interact in a unique way that excites and benefits users? Is there a physical product that can help 2 devices work better as one? Something completely different? You tell us!

Propose a hardware, software, product, service or idea to incentivize consumers to buy multiple Dell computers/devices.

Your submission must include:

1. A written description of your proposal
2. Reasoning as to why your proposal creates an advantage for consumers and why it will be successful
3. (optional) Sketches, storyboards, mock ups, drawings, charts, graphs or other visuals that help to illustrate your idea

Preference will be given to ideas that:

- Create an outcome in which consumers purchase additional Dell computers and devices to experience the advantage of their integrated capabilities
- Are unique, creative, and have not been considered in the past (not just a simple gift card or discount!)
- Have an already existing customer demand (backed up by research!)
- Have the best ratio of cost of implementation vs. projected increase in revenue
- Present differentiation from our competitors

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