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College students tackle company projects for experience and cash.

$3.31 M
"Applying my skills to a real life problem provided me with a useful, enriching experience that I can't really find in a school setting”
Tiffany Chen, Brown University Class of 2018
Relevant project experience increases your chances of getting a job offer by 31%

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
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Help us refresh our image among college students
Intel logo1 Intel Corporation
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Since its founding in 1968, Intel has gone on to become one of the world’s leading technology companies. With over 107,000 employees and $52.7 billion in annual revenues, Intel has become a truly global presence, spanning 170 sites in 66 countries. Through this tremendous growth, we’ve also managed to keep our brand strong, as evidenced by Interbrand naming Intel as one of the top ten most valuable brands in the world.

Intel would like to build its reputation and appeal among the next generation of college students as they look for their first job after graduation. We have participated heavily in career fairs, hackathons, info sessions, and other marketing activities, and would like to continue to enhance our image among college students.

Please answer the following:

1) How do you think college students currently perceive Intel as a potential employer? What words come to mind when think about Intel?

2) Propose a plan for Intel to refresh its image among college students. Your plan should make students excited about the prospect of getting a job with Intel.

- Make sure your plan includes ideas for both on-campus and off-campus marketing strategies.
- Special consideration will be given to solutions that offer unique and creative ideas like exciting video content or other formats.

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