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Help make interactions between friends more personal
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The lives of young professionals are marked by many changes. Some of these include adjusting to life after college, managing a new work schedule, often times moving to a new city, and figuring out the best way to interact and connect with friends in this new phase of life.

For young women in their early 20s especially, we’ve found that they’re seeking quality face-to-face experiences with their friends that are positive and personal. Instead of socializing through big parties and gatherings, it becomes more important to develop the habit of getting together with true close friends. We believe there is great potential for beverages to help facilitate these one-on-one interactions.

Please answer the following:

1) What is a new beverage product, service, or experience that you think would help bring two close friends together on a regular basis?
- What about this beverage/experience could help make these get togethers almost like a new ritual for the participants that is worthy of repeating frequently?
- Where would be the ideal location for two friends to meet and enjoy your beverage, service or experience?
- Propose a name for your beverage product, service or experience and explain why you think it works.
- If applicable, include an artistic rendering that helps bring your idea to life

- As stated in the deliverables, you can focus on the beverage product itself, or choose to focus on the experience/service that facilitates these regular gatherings between two friends. However, there needs to be a beverage component that is central to the experience in some way.
- Keep in mind these consumers have limited disposable incomes, but the experience itself should still feel special
- Your beverage idea should be non-alcoholic but may include ways to incorporate alcohol
- New to the world and out of the box ideas are encouraged

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