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Propose a FUN event for Bahama Breeze restaurants
Bahama Bahama Breeze
Small pic rumtoberfest2

At Bahama Breeze Island Grille, guests around the United States can sit down for a unique combination of Caribbean-inspired food, handcrafted tropical drinks, and vibrant atmosphere. Recently, Bahama Breeze began a series of special, seasonal events designed to provide guests with experiences that ramp up the fun at Bahama Breeze and give them another reason to visit.

Bahama Breeze events typically run for six weeks, and may include featured products like signature cocktails or food. Because Bahama Breeze restaurants have larger-than-usual outdoor patios, these events often use the space to create a party-like atmosphere with live music. Recent examples include “RumtoberFest,” “Summer Beach Bash,” and “Viva la ‘Rita.”

Propose a cost-effective, creative, and easily implemented event for Bahama Breeze restaurants. Ideal solutions will incorporate:

(1) A creative, catchy name for the event
(2) A brief description of what the event is all about
(3) Music
(4) Three to five details of what could be included in the event, such as featured products, unique music elements, or other aspects that make Bahama Breeze stand out
(5) An explanation of why you think this event would resonate with guests in terms of driving visits to Bahama Breeze

Your event should not rely on discount pricing: no BOGOs, no combos or bundles at low prices. While it is acceptable to highlight drinks or food items as one element of the event, the event should be about more than that. Focus on creating a full, themed experience that pairs well with the Caribbean style Bahama Breeze already does so well.

As an example of a Bahama Breeze event, see the RumtoberFest attachment below.

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