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MindSumo Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 13, 2018

What personal information is collected?

We always collect emails and names. We also store IP addresses and the geolocation associated with it. Other information can be stored by opting to fill in profile forms.

How and why is this personal information collected?

Email, names, and additional information are collected manually by user input through web forms. Email and name are collected at sign up, to help identify the user’s account. The additional information is collected by opting to fill out a user profile, or by providing information as requested during a challenge. Additional information is captured for challenges to be shown and shared with the third party hosting the challenge. IP addresses and locations are automatically picked up when creating an account.

How is the personal information used?

Names and additional information are shown on the challenge ‘dashboard’ which shows all submissions to the challenge of the hosting company. Locations are aggregated into a map for demographic/informational purposes, but does not provide location information for specific users. The IP is used to help in detecting spam or falsified information. Emails are used for login purposes and identifying accounts during support. The information is kept indefinitely unless requested for removal by the owner of the personal information. If you require any assistance regarding your account and personal information, contact us at

How is personal information protected?

All transactions and data storage uses data encryption. Additionally, passwords are hashed and salted for further protection. Challenge dashboards only provide information on the users who have attempted to submit or draft a solution for the challenge.

Do any third parties have access to personal information?

Names, emails, and session information is shared with a few third parties for analytics purposes. These include, but are not restricted to, Google, Facebook, Bing, and LinkedIn. These third parties act as data processors while we act as the data controller. Names are shared with the company hosting the challenge through their challenge dashboard. Additional information is only provided with explicit consent from users or if provided as part of a submission to a challenge.

What cookies are present and how are they used?

We use cookies to remember login sessions during page navigation, remember previous login sessions, and to track user actions for analytics and improvement purposes for ourselves. Cookies are also stored on Google’s behalf for analytics purposes so that we may improve the platform.

How can personal information be controlled?

All personal information except IP address can be controlled through our user profile page, which is accessible when going to the drop down menu in the top right when logged in, then selecting “Profile”. Additionally, if you require any assistance regarding your account and personal information, contact us at

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