How could 300,000 millennials help you reach your marketing goals?

Seeking millennial insights? Tap into the original source! MindSumo’s open innovation platform boasts the world’s largest community of millennial solvers. Unlike traditional surveys, innovation challenges give participants a strong sense of ownership and help surface completely new ways of thinking.

Leading brands like Target, Disney, and General Mills have used MindSumo for:
- rich quantitative & qualitative data on the 18-30 yr. demographic
- inventive strategies to boost customer acquisition and retention
- inspiration-sparking messaging, graphics, and mockups
Empower your team now with innovative ideas and insights at a lower price point than you’ll find anywhere else.

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350+ leading companies use Millennials on MindSumo to identify business opportunities

Business companies

"The breadth and depth of input was absolutely phenomenal. You can't get those kind of results using focus groups."
Wells Enterprises Heather Peters: Innovation - Wells Enterprises
"MindSumo allows us to tap into a new high-quality source of innovation quickly and easily. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the MindSumo team, and have already started creating our next round of challenges!"
American Express Christopher Kuo: Senior Manager, Digital Innovation - American Express
"I was really impressed with the quality of the student submissions. These guys were scary smart and creative!"
Brown Forman Cheryl Small: Director of Innovation Insights - Brown Forman
Each project lasts anywhere from 1-4 weeks and generates about 75-150 unique concepts
consumer insights digital experiences technology applications engagement & retention
1. We help you write a problem statement and define deliverables. Then we launch!
2. Our community of Millennials goes to work and submits their ideas over 30 days.
3. We screen the submissions. You pick your favorites to receive cash prizes.

What could you ask MindSumo?

Small pic goodwilllogo
Bring more shoppers and item donations to Goodwill by Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan
Small pic bluekclogo2 400x400
How do younger customers want to engage with us? by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
Small pic brisk
How should we refresh our graphics? by Brisk
Small pic disney
How can we bring R5's music to a college-aged audience? by Disney
Small pic beeeeeeeeeeens
Can you make Bush’s Best beans a Millennial staple food? by Bush Brothers
Small pic 3dp fusion360 autodesk logo
Customize a Bluetooth Speaker with Autodesk© Fusion 360™ by Autodesk, Inc
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Our Community

Large Over 320,000 registered users (100,000 monthly active)
Diverse140+ academic disciplines and professional domains
ResponsiveClients see an average of 75-150 unique concepts
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