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Don't waste time designing new products in a vacuum.

Launch a MindSumo challenge to crowdsource 100+ vetted product ideas & concepts from Millennials & Gen Z-ers in 3 weeks or less

Explore how Fortune 500 companies have used MindSumo to crowdsource 100+ ideas and insights in a matter of 2-3 weeks.

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What new cleaning or laundry product will make your chores more enjoyable?
Host: Fortune 500 CPG Company
Submissions Pursued: 17
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Build the Ultimate Game for Amazon Alexa
Host: Amazon
Submissions Pursued: 7
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The top 10 had a lot of really creative, distinct ideas with not much overlap. Even the next 30 solutions had lots of nuggets that are really valuable. I gave high scores because of the quality of responses… great value for 3 challenges!
Companies seeking product insights must understand the evolving consumer trends of Millennials and Gen Z's to successfully grow. That is where MindSumo comes in. Through our unique crowdsourcing approach, we gather insights and innovative ideas from our community of over 700,000 global consumers. We have experience helping companies like Adidas, Amazon, and Unilever understand today's consumers, enabling them to innovate successfully.

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