What new cleaning or laundry product will make your chores more enjoyable?
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16 months ago
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Our challenge is all about a necessary evil in our lives: household cleaning & laundry!  We know most Millennials probably aren't thrilled about the idea of cleaning their homes (or apts) and doing laundry, so we want to hear your ideas for new products that will make cleaning and laundry as preferable and painless as possible!

**The top 4 ideas in each product category (cleaning products, laundry products) will win $100 each.  You can submit to this challenge up to 2 times and it is possible to win in both categories.**


Propose a new idea for either a household cleaning product or a laundry productWe know household chores aren't fun, so it's important that your new product idea makes cleaning or doing laundry more enjoyable and/or easier!  Please answer the following:

  1. What would you name your product idea / concept?  (can be a brand name or product name) 1pt
  2. Describe how your product works / what it does 2pts
  3. What are the main benefits of the product? 3pts
  4. What would it look like? (describe or provide a visual of the packaging) 1pt
  5. Provide a brief advertising idea that would convey why your product is awesome! 3pts 

This challenge will be scored out of a total of 10 points!  Please see values next to deliverables.

Considerations: Laundry product ideas should be specific to cleaning clothes.  We are NOT interested in ideas that relate to drying.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Overall Score
You can submit up to 2 times for this challenge.
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