What should co-creation look like for our next generation consumers?
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26 months ago
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Adidas wants to explore what a co-creation experience for apparel/footwear/accessories could be for the next-generation consumer. Through either an interactive in-store or online creation experience, we seek to engage Millennial/Gen Y consumers and lead them to feel like co-creators with our brand.

We have previously experimented with co-creation with a successful sweater pop-up store in Berlin. The consumer could get body-scanned, go through an interactive design space with projection of graphics on the person that responded to movement, and select graphics and color for the sweater.  We knit the sweater in-store and delivered it the next day.  While the store was temporary, we see it as a glimpse into our retail and manufacturing future!


We are interested in ideas around a co-creation experience for apparel/footwear/accessories that would appeal to Millennial / Gen Y consumers.  Specifically, please answer the following:

  1. What product(s) would you be most excited to customize/personalize through co-creation?  What product details would you want to influence or control?
  2. How should we implement a co-creation experience in order make your desired personalization/customization possible? Describe in detail how the interaction would take place (in-person, online, an app, etc), what kind of involvement is required from the consumer, etc.
  3. Why would Millennial/Gen Y consumers find your co-creation process engaging?  What about the process, and the resulting personalized product(s), would appeal most to them? 

We are interested in novel co-creation experiences.  Please avoid the following as we have already explored these topics:

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Broad Consumer Appeal
  • Newness
  • Simplicity with Scalability
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