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What are the best use cases for mini challenges?

MindSumo is introducing a new type of challenge. You're looking at it :). Our goal with these mini "ideation" challenges is to allow both companies and students to get a quick feel for how MindSumo works. We'd like the time commitment for participants to not exceed 5 minutes. A submission is a simple idea (1-3 short sentences) that goes up publicly. We allow the crowd to upvote them, and the top 3 crowd favorites get 250 points (~$25).

We're hoping you'll help us find the best use-cases for this challenge model. For example, it's pretty obvious that this type of challenge would be good at producing names - company names, product names, etc.

What else could companies use mini challenges for?

Don't tell us why they're effective, but instead propose a SPECIFIC use case that you think a company would use them for!

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2 months ago
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250 Square pic 12109267 1637942156458220 1037044529773095561 n Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology
250 I University of Sydney
250 S University of Akron
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