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What can Godiva stores do to attract you?
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68 months ago

At Godiva, we are known for our a wide variety of premium chocolates and related products, from salted toffee caramel and dark chocolate truffles to chocolate covered strawberries, pecan chocolate chip sablés, dark chocolate iced drinks, soft serve ice cream, and more. We want to know what we can do to Godiva's stores to attract you.

What is one thing Godiva stores can do to attract 25-30 year olds with careers to their stores? It could be anything from a new experience, store layout, or event. Please exclude price promotions from your response.

NOTE: We are only interested in responses from 25-30 year old people with jobs in the United States, United Kingdom, China, or Japan.

$25.00 Square pic 60 j754lqu
$25.00 Square pic 60 sadasd Virginia Community College System
$25.00 Square pic 60 seraph Universidad César Vallejo, Trujillo
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