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You are working with a top consulting firm to build a report that emphasizes the importance of Innovation as a contributor to economic growth. Your team has come up with the concept "Innovation Capital", which is the value of all innovation-related assets which contribute to growth in a productivity in the economy.

The team further defines three types of Innovation Capital:

Physical Capital: Investments in information and communication equipment

Knowledge Capital: Investments that build the intellectual property and brand value of a company or organization

Human Capital: Investments that build individual or group abilities and skills within companies or organizations

Here's a graph that captures the data the team has been studying, for 16 countries:

(graph is here if you can't see the above image: Exhibit 1)

If total Innovation Capital in Exhibit 1 were to grow by 5% per year in the future, which of the following would be the MINIMUM required annual growth in Human Capital that would see it represent more than half of total Innovation Capital in 10 years?

A. 10%

B. 15%

C. 20%

D. 25%

Please only input the letter of statement (i.e. your answer box should contain 1 upper case letter ONLY).