Who Broke the Window?
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5 kids were playing baseball until one of them broke a window. Each kid gives 2 true statements and 1 false statement:

Kid 1:

1. I didn't do it

2. Kid 5 will say who did it

3. One of us is in big trouble

Kid 2:

1. Kid 4 did it

2. I didn't do it

3. I don't even like to play baseball

Kid 3:

1. I didn't do it

2. Kid 4 and I are good friends

3. Kid 5 doesn't know who did it

Kid 4:

1. Kid 2 lied when he said I broke the window

2. I never saw Kid 3 before today

3. I never broke a window in my life

Kid 5:

1. I saw Kid 4 break it

2. I didn't break the window

3. I want to go home

Enter the number of the kid that broke it (ex: 6). Do not write 'kid' before the number!

Difficulty: 6/10