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Solve challenges from top companies to gain experience and earn cash prizes. Tackle real business problems from Facebook, Capital One, Palantir, Spotify, and many more.


Solve puzzles from MindSumo for fun and see if you can create a record. Tackle interesting brain teasers, puzzles, math problems , and many more.


Ideate along with several others to interesting situations. Rate others' solutions, invite your friends to vote for you. Ideate, create ideas, share open-source thoughts, and lots more.

Archived Challenges

Browse our archive of past challenges. You can even try solving some of them to gain experience and impress recruiters with your initiative.

Student Profiles

Get in touch with some of the most talented students in the country. Learn about their courses, experiences, interests, and skills


Find out how to get a job at a top company like Facebook, Palantir, Capital One, American Express, Spotify etc.

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