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Calling Millennials and Gen Z! How should we redesign the exterior of our cakes to sell in grocery stores?
Challenge Type: business
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56 days ago

Imagine the joy of walking into a grocery store, searching for that perfect cake to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and special moments with your loved ones. A cake isn't just a dessert; it's a slice of happiness that brings people together to create lasting memories. Our upcoming cake redesign aims to capture the essence of these cherished moments, blending sentimentality with a touch of tropical allure.

Our cake design leaves an impression that’s everlasting and immediately stands out from other cakes in the bakery aisle. Crafted with precision and creativity, the cake showcases a signature tropical design that's bound to catch your eye and warm your heart. Transport yourself to the serene shores of Hawaii to encapsulate the vibrancy of the islands.

Picture an 8” round, 3-layered cake (the interior will include vibrant layers of pink, orange-yellow and lime green). Your design should be unique, family-friendly, scalable, signature and tropically inspired. Design elements may be incorporated on the top and sides of the cake (i.e. border on edge of cakes; décor on sides of cakes). Room should also be left on the top of the cake to include an inscription such as “Happy Birthday!”. The side design does not HAVE to include icing, but the top of the cake must. Lastly, we are looking for a design that is transferrable to a portfolio of cakes and different flavors/colors!

Note: We are NOT looking for figurines (i.e. palm tree figures or surfboard, etc.). We are also NOT looking for fondants or fresh fruit additions.

  1. Describe your cake redesign and what it entails!

    • Explain how your design is unique, eye-catching, and scalable in a grocery environment.
    • What tropical inspiration did you include?
  2. Attach an artistic rendering of your idea (sketch, drawing, mockup, photo, etc.) to showcase your design!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
will share $1,000
Next 15%
will share $400
Next 25%
will share $200
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$83.40 Marilia Gabriela UNINASSAU
$83.40 Rita Yip University of Auckland
$83.40 Ejoi Epale University of Nairobi
$83.40 Godwin Uwakwe Texas A & M University - Commerce
$83.40 Okpamen Obasogie Landmark University
$83.40 Blessing Ogie
$83.40 Aurryx Stargazer
$83.40 Lisa Buccafus University of Colorado
$83.40 Sara Bernat Humboldt Universitat
$83.40 Olivia Ojeda North Carolina State University
$83.40 Nirmal Suthar
$83.40 Armand Anoumang Dongseo University, Korea
$22.30 Daniel Adeleke UoT
$22.30 Avijit Majumder Manipal University
$22.30 Nagat Oun Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science
$22.30 wafaa LHARZ
$22.30 Amy Beamer
$22.30 Nicholas Ihiale University of Benin
$22.30 Danica Dickinson University of Victoria
$22.30 Mohammed Saleem Mesco
$22.30 khan g
$22.30 Deepak N
$22.30 DIVYA R UoM
$22.30 Harikesh Sharma
$22.30 Thang Nguyen University of Vermont
$22.30 Edilson Gomes de Lima Ibero American
$22.30 ALMIRA COLLADO Trinity College
$22.30 Sumana Mahata UCSD
$22.30 Shanny K McGill University
$22.30 Ami Jagani
$6.90 Haris Mehboob PMAS UAAR
$6.90 Reena Reetha Job
$6.90 Nermeen Elassasy
$6.90 William Artrip