What can you do or make with glass (A LOT of it)?

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Imagine that the community where you live doesn’t recycle glass. You are a conservation-minded
person and it bugs you. The challenge is to come up with three ideas for what do to with that glass.
Keep in mind that the amount of glass may range from 200 to 10,000 tons per month, so the uses will
probably have to be large-scale. Additionally, consider a limited storage capacity of 40,000 tons. You
want to do your best to keep all of it out of the landfill. Include your assumptions about the
characteristics of the glass (broken or unbroken glass, sorted by color (brown, green, clear) or mixed,
total tons needed) in your ideas about the three best uses.

The uses must be reasonable, feasible and safe. The winning proposal will be ranked according to the
following criteria: 1) Reusablility (broken or unbroken glass). 2) Best and highest use of recycled glass

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Congratulations Winners!

For each idea provide 1) An idea narrative/description and a rank (first, second, or third). 2) A diagram or photograph illustrating the concept. 3) An explanation of technology required (if any). 4) Additional inputs required, if any.

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